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Megavest USA introduces

The Leader in Single Property Websites

What is a PowerSiteTM
A single property website is a website designed and dedicated exclusively to one listing only. Sellers expect you to market their properties aggressively!

When sellers look for their houses on (six tiny pictures and a small description) they can hardly pick out the description of their houses from the others.

Single Property Websites tell the story of their houses in a personal, warm and fuzzy sort of way rather than just listing how many bedrooms and bathrooms the house has...

When you give a seller's listing its own dedicated Website, the seller feels that you are giving his/her property special attention and that you are marketing the property aggressively.  They will refer you to their friends and relatives;  more listings for you!

A PowerSiteTM is a low-cost Website dedicated to marketing your listing to a worldwide audience using the Internet.

Our user-friendly application allows you to easily create an exclusive, customized Website designed to help you harness the power of Internet marketing.

We provide all the tools needed to create the richest source of information about your listing.  With a PowerSiteTM you can describe the property in detail, add photos, create slideshows, manage documents, upload blogs, video, virtual tours and podcasts, map the property and market your listing both online and offline.

All you need is a Web browser and about ˝ hour or so to enter text and photos.  (No additional software is required.)  A PowerSiteTM allows you to create an online and offline property resource second to none! 


How Does it Work?
Simply register on our Website to create a
free account.  Then click the "Create New PowerSiteTM " button to easily add detailed content and up to 100 photos of the property.  Choose from one of the many professionally designed templates (generic and franchise specific templates) available and you are ready to publish your site.  Just select a unique Website address (e.g. and once you pay using a credit card (or use a license) your PowerSiteTM can be live in less than an hour!


How Do I Use PowerSiteTM Free of Charge?
You can also use our software to help win listings. Create the site at no cost and email a link to your prospective seller to show him/her what you can do to market the property worldwide.  When you get the listing, it will stand out from the crowd;  and in the unlikely event you don’t, you haven’t spent a dime!


What is Included?
The PowerSiteTM software includes all the tools needed to create and maintain your unique property Website.  This includes the registration of a dedicated domain name (“URL” or website address) of your choosing;  Web hosting for 12 months and unlimited changes to your PowerSiteTM.  We also include
free syndication to the most popular real estate search outlets such as Trulia, Oodle, Edgeio, PropSmart and Google Base.  We also submit your PowerSitesTM to Yahoo! and Google search engines.


How Much Does it Cost?
PowerSitesTM are extremely cost-effective.  For less than the price of a newspaper ad, you can get your PowerSiteTM published on the Internet today.  A single PowerSiteTM is
$45.00 per year with discounts available for bulk purchases. To take advantage of our special pricing, as low as $34.96 per year, you must register through the "Free Registration" link below.


Where Do I Start?
Click this "
Free Registration" link and complete the simple Registration Form. You will then be able to create your first PowerSiteTM Remember, you pay nothing to create a PowerSiteTM. You pay only  when you publish the site.

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